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Creative Logistics, Inc., provides a wide range of transportation management services not constrained by our ability to acquire assets. Specific services include:

•  FREIGHT BROKERAGE- Creative Logistics, Inc., will match customer shipments with the most cost-effective carrier available. We supplement traditional open-market brokerage operations with a consortium of dedicated individuals and small fleets. This gives us the capacity to handle critical or time-sensitive loads much like the way that an asset-owning transportation provider might do. There is no geographic, equipment, or commodity limitation on this service.

•  WAREHOUSING- Through its secured commitments on warehouse capacity throughout the country, Creative Logistics, Inc., can provide customized warehouse and distribution solutions.  We can add value by not only providing storage but also set-up, assembly, reverse logistics, and local, regional and national distribution.

•  GLOBAL CONNECTIONS- Creative Logistics, Inc., has established partnerships with licensed and bonded international freight forwarders and customs house brokers. Through these relationships we can provide clients door-to-door logistics solutions throughout the world.

Company Information

SCAC: CTGB   MC: 437261B
 Bond: State Farm (#93-BS-2024-8)   DUNS: 128596769
 Business Type: Corporation  EIN: 82-0552242

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