Creative Logistics, Inc., is always looking to add dependable, service oriented motor carriers to its approved carrier database.  Unlike many truck brokerages we understand what a motor carrier needs to operate in today’s highly competitive market.  Accordingly we offer:

•  Timely bill payment.  We don’t wait to be paid by our customer in order to pay carrier freight bills.  We pay freight bills 25 days from when we receive the bill and an original signed proof of delivery/bill of lading.  In some cases we can accept scanned documents by email or FAX and this further reduces turnaround time on freight bills.

•  Quick-Pay options.  We offer two accelerated payment options to carriers.  Bills can be paid in as fast as 7 days from receipt of documents.  A 14 day option is also offered.  Contact us to learn the details of these options.

•  Effective communications.  Most transportation problems result from either poor communication or a lack of knowledge about transportation details.  Our operations staff has extensive transportation experience and brings this knowledge to bear on every load.  While a motor carrier under contract tous is fully independent,we believe we must do everything possible to get all the detailed information a carrier needs in its hands before a load is dispatched and then continue to communicate with the carrier until the load delivers.

•  Quality freight.  We manage our base of customers with the idea in mind that the freight they provide has to be at a competitive rate level and that the size, weight, and other characteristics of the cargo lend themselves to efficient, safe transportation.

•  Long term relationships.  Many of the independent contract carriers we use today were with us when we opened the doors in 2002.  We value these long term relationships as both parties know what to expect from each other.  While we add dozens of new carriers to our pre-approved pool each week we also work hard at providing desirable freight to our existing carrier base.

Interested in becoming one of our contract carriers?  Sign up is quick and easy.  Call our offices and we will be able to walk you through the process.

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