Creative Logistics, Inc., recognizes that shippers have their choice of many qualified and cost-effective transportation suppliers.  However, we believe we offer many services and benefits that differentiate us from the competition:

• Flexibility.  Unlike asset based trucking companies we have maximum flexibility in selecting the most cost effective transportation solution to any transportation challenge.  We can maximize the benefits of drawing on surplus capacity to reduce freight costs.  We can assign the carrier who has the best mix of service and price to every load.  Our operations team is not constrained by the need to use company-owned trucks, even when they don’t represent the best option.

• Integrity.  When we commit to provide service at a certain price that is exactly what we do.  We’re confident that when we quote a price it is right for the market.  We don’t go back and try to renegotiate higher rates once we’ve committed to a price.  Shippers can count on our quotes.

•  Security.  All carriers that we utilize are fully insured for both cargo damage and public liability.  Information on our carriers is updated on a daily basis and carriers with any questionable performance or compliance issues are purged from our system.

•  Communication.  We believe it is essential that a shipper be kept informed about a shipment from loading to delivery.  While the frequency of communication is driven by the shippers needs, all relevant shipment information is gathered and stored by our operations staff.  We are committed to eliminating surprises such as late pickup or late delivery.

Interested in seeing what we can do for you?  Sign up is quick and easy.  Follow this link to our Request a Quote page and see for yourself what we can do for you.  If you like the quote you receive then simply give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

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